Unified portal to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security in your organization.

Unit C is an integrated employee portal that centralizes various tools and resources for streamlined workflow management. It caters to diverse team needs, offering advanced work tools, customizable dashboards, and seamless integrations.

See why Brand Buzz Inc. sys Unit C "sets the standard for modern workspaces."

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Transforming the way we collaborate and innovate.

Attendance Management
Track and manage employee attendance effortlessly, streamlining HR tasks and ensuring accurate record-keeping.
Payroll Management
Efficiently handle payroll tasks, including calculations, deductions, and compliance, ensuring timely and accurate payments.
Recruitment Management
Simplify the recruitment process with intuitive tools for sourcing, screening, and managing candidates effectively.
KPIs Management
Set, monitor, and evaluate Key Performance Indicators to drive organizational success and employee productivity.
Custom Dashboards
Personalized workspaces for tailored access to essential tools and data, optimizing workflow efficiency and organization.
Data and Insights
Analytics and metrics providing valuable insights into team performance and project progress for informed decision-making.
File Sync
Seamless synchronization of files across devices, ensuring up-to-date access and collaboration on shared documents and resources.
Notice Board
Centralized hub for announcements and updates, fostering smooth team communication and cohesion.
News Feed
Curated feed delivering relevant industry news, company updates, and team highlights to stay informed and engaged.
Calendar Sync
Integration of calendars for effortless coordination of schedules, meetings, and deadlines, enhancing productivity.
Instant Messaging
Facilitate quick and efficient team meetings, fostering collaboration and communication within the organization.
Instant Disbursement
Seamlessly disburse payroll instantly, enhancing employee satisfaction and optimizing financial operations.

More than a unified workspace

Empowering teams with tailored tools, seamless collaboration, and insightful analytics to drive productivity and innovation.

More than a data monitoring tool

Unlocking actionable insights, fostering data-driven decisions, and optimizing performance for sustainable growth and success.

More than an HR management solution

Transforming workforce management with intuitive tools, transparent communication, and instant strategic insights

Clarity, connectivity, and compliance.


Connect with any other data source

Seamlessly manage employee data, streamline payroll tasks, and simplify onboarding with our comprehensive platform. From organizing company documents to reviewing KPIs and optimizing organizational structure, Unit C empowers HR teams to efficiently navigate every aspect of employee management.
Naqi Khan
CEO, 100 Destinations
"Unit C has significantly reduced organizational costs, but it's the enhanced experience that truly guides directors towards making informed decisions."

We are dedicated to delivering a robust service that ensures the security of all our customers' data.

Unit C's security program adheres to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and ISO standards, ensuring the protection of information assets through the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Empowering organizations with transparency and command.

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Securing your data is paramount to Unit C.

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