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Axis Digital is a software company based in GCC that provides cloud-based solutions to help businesses manage their meetings, projects, and employees.

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We are focused on unifying the ecosystem of work so that businesses can reap the financial benefits of increased employee engagement, productivity, and collaboration. All products of Axis offer Military-grade Security and can be deployed On-Cloud as well as On-Premises.

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Projects - Task and Project Management

Our solution is designed to guarantee the success of your projects by meticulously tracking timelines and costs, ensuring efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making. It caters to both tech and non-tech teams, accommodating varying degrees of expertise to streamline collaboration and maximize productivity. Whether you're embarking on a complex technical endeavor or managing a project with diverse team members, our solution provides the tools and support necessary for seamless execution and optimal outcomes. LEARN MORE

Unit C - Unified Employee Portal

Unit C is an integrated employee portal that centralizes various tools and resources for streamlined workflow management. It caters to diverse team needs, offering advanced work tools, customizable dashboards, and seamless integration via APIs. Employees can access HR tasks, project management tools, analytics, and communication channels.

The platform aims to boost productivity, foster collaboration, and enhance engagement by providing a conducive work environment. With white-label customization options, Unit C can be branded with the organization's identity. LEARN MORE

Diskus - Governance & Meeting Management Solution

Diskus is a comprehensive Meeting Management Solution tailored for board meetings, committees, and leadership collaboration. It's meticulously crafted to elevate efficiency, bolster security, ensure compliance, and optimize resource allocation. Specifically targeting senior and mid-management tiers, Diskus proves invaluable in environments demanding meticulous documentation, robust archiving capabilities, and meticulous progress monitoring.

By centralizing meeting-related activities, Diskus not only saves time but also enhances the overall productivity of management teams. LEARN MORE

Axis Drive - Curated Dashboard of Work Tools

Axis Drive stands as a robust, secure document and file-sharing solution designed to facilitate seamless collaboration while prioritizing data security. Its key feature lies in its intuitive access control mechanism, granting instant access to files based on file type or keywords, thereby enhancing user efficiency.

What sets Axis Drive apart is its customizable privacy settings, allowing users to dictate access and editing permissions with precision, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure. LEARN MORE

Talk - Secure Instant Messaging Tool

Axis Talk is a cutting-edge instant messaging tool designed to facilitate highly secure communication within and between organizations. Its primary aim is to promote efficient collaboration and connectivity among team members. The platform offers a range of features geared towards optimizing communication workflows, including group chat functionality for swift intra and inter-departmental collaboration.

Moreover, its hashtag feature enables users to quickly navigate to relevant topics, enhancing the efficiency of information retrieval and ensuring that discussions remain focused and productive. LEARN MORE

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Our Process

As highly experienced Webflow developers, we will carefully build your site using Webflow best practices. Here's what to expect.


Assessment and Evaluation

We analyze your company's requirements, expose hidden risks, and deliver key insights on how we can add value to your processes, structure, and governance.

Collection of Data Points

We look for key points in your governance, risk, compliance, and ESG activities to bring them into one centralized platform for improved efficiency and enhanced productivity.


Our technical team assesses the server or cloud requirements of your company to ensure seamless deployment of the product with the best bandwidth and speed.

Directors and Team Adoption

We provide thorough training to the directors and team members of your company with personalized sessions and feature-specific workshops.

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